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At Lantern Ministry, we are dedicated to encouraging families to study the Bible together.  Raising Warriors is specifically designed to help families grow closer to God and to each other through the study of His Word. Whether you are just starting your faith journey or have been walking with the Messiah for years, we have something for you. Watch this video for more inspiration.

What is Raising Warriors?

Raising Warriors is a branch of Lantern Media & Ministry we specifically designed for the purpose of discipling parents and families to teach, train, and equip their children as effective and committed Bible-believers. These resources are completely free and divided by select weekly readings. These readings are scheduled to follow the Torah readings many Jewish believers have followed for millennia, paired with various readings from both the other Old Testament writings and the New Testament.

Below you will find two videos explaining why we developed these family study guides and how to get ht most out of using them each week.

Weekly Study Guides

Below is our complete yearly study guide pages. Each post is a separate study guide full of activities, free resources and more. Downloads are completely free for everyone.

Current Week

Previous Weeks

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