Week #7: VAYETZE: "He Went Out"


While this is a relatively short reading in Genesis 28-32, Jacob's life makes some major leaps forward. He leaves home to seek a wife on the way he has a powerful encounter with the God of his fathers, YHVH. He then heads to the land of his fathers to find a wife and things appear to go off the rails. After 20 years, YHVH tells him it's time to leave, but he sneaks out in the middle of the night just to be run down by his father-in-law who is upset about this supposed "betrayal" and is convinced Jacob has stolen his missing family idols.

In this week's study we have several study suggestions that we pray edifies you and your family in your faith. Download Week #6 study guide by clicking the button to the left. If you are not a subscriber, you will need to become a subscriber by following the steps once you click on the link or go to our subscribe page to sign up and access our weekly family study guides.


Below you will find a range of free resources that we have gathered which we believe will benefit your studies and challenge you to dig deeper. These resources are free online, we are simply putting them in one location to save you some time. We understand that each of these resources may not appeal to everyone, we simply want to connect you with other voices to encourage and deepen your study and worship of YHVH. In addition, we do not necessarily agree with all the doctrine and teaching from these different resources, however, they offer valuable discussion points or ideas to help bolster your personal study time and engage your families. We encourage parents to preview and test any resources you would like to use before showing it to your family.

Disclaimer: All materials and resources linked or suggested above are available for free in this list and on their host sites. Therefore Lantern Ministry is not attempting to sell or misuse copyright protected material or content from any other person, ministry, or entity. Lantern Media and Ministry does not necessarily agree with or promote the theology of these recommended resources or their associated ministries or businesses. We ask that you test everything before using it in your home for teaching or edification. Sometimes we will make notes after each link If you have any questions or concerns please contact the ministry via the website @ https://www.lanternministry.org/contact.


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