Season 1: Episode 3: Nathan Harmon

Updated: Jul 28, 2021



In our world where most parents work outside the home, families spend only 6 minutes a day talking about spiritual matters, and we are more disconnected than ever before, what hope do parents have of raising their children up in the Way they should go? In this video I talk with Nathan Harmon to dig into scripture and answer this question. If you are losing hope, discouraged, or seeking guidance on how to Biblically lead your family do not miss this interview. Nathan is a Husband, father, evangelist, speaker, teacher, and author. From talking with students in schools, to sharing the Gospel in tent meetings called “Jesus Meetings” all across the United States, Nathan passionately shares about true and unbreakable hope. “Your Life Speaks”, Nathan’s organization works toward reaching students in all kinds of settings to encourage them not to give into doubt and despair, but to seek out and passionately pursue their purpose. Nathan also co-hosts a weekly podcast with Dr. Doug Miller called “Real Life”. He and his family live on the road in an RV as they work and ministry all across this country and you can follow their travels on their facebook page “Wilderness Driven Family.” I could go on and on about all the stuff Nathan is doing or has done, but I’m excited to have him with us tonight to discuss raising our children in the “Way”.

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Below we have provided an outline for this interview. You are free to download, print, and share as a guide to help follow along or understand the reasoning behind some of the questions I asked Nathan during the interview.

Spark Season 1 Episode 3_ Nathan Harmon
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As with all videos and podcasts there is content that either has to be cut for time or for precision purposes. This video is the unedited version with our delays, mistakes, and additionally commentary from Jeromy Kusch between questions. Nathan's full statements are given in their entirety in the free, edited version of this video. To access these extended cuts become a Lantern subscriber and click on the picture below


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