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Week #33: Bechukotai: 
"In My Statutes"

Blessings and Curses:

What an amazing and terrifying section of Scripture. The challenges of understanding YHVH's commands and His heart for blessings and goodness, yet the reality is faced that the people will likely wander from those commands and suffer as a result. We must face the reality that we too fall into the same trap of disobedience and rebellion, and we too much reconcile the immense cost of those transgressions.

In this week's study we have several study suggestions that we pray edifies you and your family in your faith. Download week #33 study guide by clicking the "click to download" image.


In this week's episode of Raising Warriors we discuss the importance of remembering the Gospel is the central message throughout the entire Bible. This week's reading regarding Atonement is one of the critical junctures for us to teach our children about the Torah's important connection to the Messiah.

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We encourage you to use these resources as a guide to explore the readings from this week's Torah portion. While we compile and link these resources, we by no means agree with everything stated in every video or article below. However, we do believe, even if we disagree we can use them as a conversation to study Scripture, to test everything, and to engage in a healthy Biblical conversation using these resources as a jumping off point.



119 Ministries: T33 Bechukotai

Torah4Christians: Parashat Bechukotai


119 Ministries: When Life Crumbles




Disclaimer: All materials and resources linked or suggested above are available for free in this list and on their host sites. Therefore Lantern Ministry is not attempting to sell or misuse copyright protected material or content from any other person, ministry, or entity. Lantern Media and Ministry does not necessarily agree with or promote the theology of these recommended resources or their associated ministries or businesses. We ask that you test everything before using it in your home for teaching or edification. Sometimes we will make notes after each link If you have any questions or concerns please contact the ministry via the website @


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