Week #16: Beshalach: "When He Sent"

Updated: Jan 19


After the great deliverance from Egypt and the final tenth plague where the Israelites are freed from their bondage by the death of the firstborn, they find themselves once again dangerously close to absolute destruction. God directs the people away from the Philistines, but seems to lead them straight into a trap as they are hemmed in by the sea and the mountains with Pharaoh and his armies bearing down on them. The people are forced immediately to not only trust God to protect and fight for them, but they find the wilderness will also require they trust God for their food, water, and even when and where to travel.

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In this video we discuss a common challenge to God's nature, "Is God a Tyrant?" This question comes in many forms, but it usually centers around God's judgement upon a group of people where innocent lives are surely affected. We will tackle this question head on using the Exodus account of Passover.

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