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Day of Atonement: Yom Kippur

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

The Hope and Expectation of the Cleansed

The Day of Atonement is considered the highest of the holy days set apart in the Old Testament. It was so important that many of the New Testament authors even addressed the topic in their writings. From the book of Hebrews, to Paul's letters and beyond the New Testament authors knew just how important this day was and how critical it was for new converts to learn how it connects to the Messiah Yeshua. If you have ever wondered why people observe this day, or if Christians should even bother with these days, then this video teaching is very important and can offer you a starting point to understanding why is so necessary for any Christian to understand, and even memorialize in their lives today. Furthermore, the connection of Yom Kippur to Sukkot, or the feast of Tabernacles, is also often missed or misunderstood. In this teaching we explore this connection and why it offers us such hope as we earnestly await the return of the KING! This teaching was delivered at Pursuing Truth Ministries. If you would like to find out more about that ministry click here.

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