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PRAY: What the Bible Says Prayer is and is Not

A Look Into the Biblical Basics of Prayer

Being raised in a more charismatic/word of faith movement prayer was a HUGE part of our weekly activities at church. Unfortunately, the word “prayer” was slung around with liberty but very little teaching was delivered on the meaning of prayer, and often leaned heavily on the misuse of just a handful of verses. It was often taught prayer was a means of controlling God and/or getting what you want. In large part this led me to struggle deeply with prayer as many of my prayers seemed to fall flat, as if God didn’t hear me or I didn’t have enough faith to get what I was asking for. This frustration led me to a rather “bumpy” prayer life that I still struggle with today. Part of my frustration growing up is I never really understood what prayer was, in spite of all the “prayer” I witnessed. One thing I have greatly benefited from in this assemble of believers is the heart many of you have for prayer. As I read through the group chat every week it is filled with prayer requests with people genuinely offering their compassion and commitment to prayer. Today, as a body of believers I believe the Father wants to spur us along in this work of effective prayer both personally and corporately. Through the avenue of what the Bible says prayer is and what it is not, I explore the Biblical basics of this important skill in the life of every believer. Many of you this may feel like this teaching is a reminder to commit to a life of purposeful prayer, for others you may find some Biblical clarity on the topic, and some may glean practical application for personal prayer. In any case when we are done today the missions is that each one of us leaves with a renewed passion for Biblical prayer as we seek to do the will of our Father and Master. This teaching was delivered at Pursuing Truth Ministries. If you would like to find out more about that ministry click here.

Download the notes below:
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