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BEHOLD THE LAMB OF GOD: Passover & the Messiah

Updated: Nov 23, 2023


We are in the time of Passover. Some have recently finished it, others are observing this weekend (April 16, 2022). One thing the story demonstrates is YHVH's immense focus on life. How is that possible in a story all about death?

First, YHVH instructed the people beforehand how to spare life so that none would be lost. It is only human rebellion which resulted in death. This is the same condition we all face as well. We have ALL fallen short and defiantly rebelled against God. Therefore the wage we have earned for our work is death.

Second, Passover is an amazing picture YHVH offers us so we can better understand the work of the Messiah on that same day generations later. A work designed to once again bring life to dying and rebellious people.

You see Passover isn't about death, it's about offering life for all who have ears to hear and hearts to obey Him alone.

Trust Him, Follow Him, find LIFE in Him! In the sections below we want to provide you links to teachings, resources, and ideas to observe Passover with your families and friends. These are not all Lantern Media resources, but we have found them to be valuable to our study and pray they edify you as well. We encourage you to test everything you see and hear according to Scripture.



Below is a series of video teachings that offer some insights on the importance of Passover and the Messiah. While we find these videos to be relevant and important in the discussion about the relevance of Passover to modern believers, we may not agree with everything in each of these videos.

1. Lantern Ministry: "Passover: Choose Life"

2. 119 Ministry: "Passover & Unleavened Bread"

3. the Bible Project: "Luke 19-23"

4., the Bible Project: "Luke 24"


RESOURCES FOR PASSOVER: These resources we hope will encourage your family members (of any age) to engage with you in learning and observing Passover together. We encourage you to explore and test each of these videos as a family for yourself. 1. Little House Story Corner: "The Passover & Exodus"

2. Unlearn the Lies: "Should Christians Celebrate Passover?"

3. Founded in Truth Ministries: "What is Passover"

4. Joshua Huff: "The Passover Story for Seder"

5. Unchained by Grace: (Warning: this video has some graphic moments)


OBSERVING PASSOVER: In this section we will offer a few videos that explain some things you can do as a family to observe Passover and understand the connection between this important Biblical day and our Messiah Yeshua/Jesus.

1. Laundrochat With Ashleigh: "He Is Risen Indeed"

2. Parable of the Vineyard: "How to Passover 2022"

3. Music: Revere "Behold Him"

4. Music: Aaron Shust "Isaiah 53"

5. Music: Joshua Aaron "Salvation is Your Name"


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