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Personally, I have no dog in this fight, and I have no personal malice against anyone who believes this way. If any of you here today adhere to a FE model, Biblical Cosmology or whatever you call it, I’m will NOT be seeking to prove or disprove this model today. Today our mission is to go to the Bible, to explore the texts that are often used to develop a FE belief system and answer a simple question, “what is the primary purpose of pretty much ALL of these texts?” Before this teaching begins there are some important points I must clarify to set a proper foundation for this teaching.

  1. I do not think the public ridicule, bickering and fighting within the body of believers is beneficial, and I would encourage any of you who enter into a discourse on this topic with another believer to do so in peace. If you can’t promote peace, then don’t engage no matter what side of the discussion you are on.

  2. In MOST cases, this topic is a minor, not a major and should not be something we divide over. However, I do believe there is one potential issue where dividing may become necessary. I will get more into this later, but if someone has made their view of the shape of the earth into an idol, a false gospel, or is somehow leading you away from Biblical truth or relationship with YHVH then I believe it is appropriate to separate.

  3. False equivalencies are not helpful to the dialogue. People who believe in the globe do not always believe in the Big Bang Theory, they do not support the lies of the enemy, and it does not mean they do not believe God’s Word. Those who believe FE aren’t necessarily are not stupid, uneducated, and ignoring science.

My goal today is not to sow discord on the topic of flat earth, Instead, my heart today is to dig down and try and understand what message the Bible is communicating about creation, and what primary and foundational understanding every believer and non-believer should be gleaning from these Scriptures. This teaching was delivered at Pursuing Truth Ministries. If you would like to find out more about that ministry click here.

Download the Outline below: Flat Earth

This link is the .pdf of the notes page the teaching is read from during the video. You can follow along, read verses, test, and take notes.

Flat Earth
Download PDF • 81KB

Full Video:

SLIDESHOW: "Flat Earth":

Feel free to follow along with the teaching with this slideshow of the verses and images used in the sermon on Biblical cosmology, or flat earth.

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