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THE WAY OF YHVH: Proverbs 10:29-32

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

The Duality of Godly Wisdom

Wisdom has always been seen as a treasure throughout time. It is why throughout time such great effort is exerted to pursue and gain wisdom by any means necessary. Each one of us is aware in every way that it is wisdom that guides every aspect of our lives from how we manage the resources around us, our identities as humanity and personally, our morals, how we interact with animals, how we establish and implement justice, and how we build and cultivate relationships between us. The great debate concerning wisdom is not whether or not it is of value, it is a way between which source of wisdom is THE source of wisdom and how do we go about attaining that wisdom. In fact, in some ways this is the internal struggle and temptation of the garden. Do we attain knowledge on our own terms, or do we trust God to reveal to us in His perfect timing? We know how that question was answered, and it has continually been answered this way throughout time, we would seek it on our own terms. Introducing death into our world eventually infecting every area of our lives. As long as we seek wisdom on our own terms, we will constantly bear the fruit of death in every area of our lives. Where do you think the gender identity crisis plaguing our world is coming from? It is rooted in the notion that God’s wisdom regarding who we are and why we exist is flawed or false so in a pursuit of wisdom, our world has established a new order, built on human wisdom and have established that the natural order of gender no longer is wisdom. Instead, it is wisdom to let anyone and everyone decide, create, and enact their own wisdom when it comes to their identity. We see the fruit of this in our world, the division, the chaos, the darkness, and the death and decay of what God created in His own image to something so incoherent and lifeless. However, the Bible makes the claim, and the book of Proverbs explores the claim, that the Ways of YHVH are true wisdom and nothing else is. The battle waging in every soul that has ever lived on this planet from the beginning of time is this, “will I accept God’s wisdom or will I reject it?” It is by submitting to the wisdom of YHVH in which we truly find life and completeness in our lives and in our world. As we continue to study through this book it is important to remember that learning God’s ways is just as necessary as practicing His ways. Wisdom is useless unless it is followed by action that comes into alignment with it. Today, we will explore this concept in the text as we read, not just why something is wise, but how we apply it to our lives. This teaching was delivered at Pursuing Truth Ministries. If you would like to find out more about that ministry click here. For more teachings from this Proverbs series from Jeromy and other teachers like Jason Towe, click here.

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Proverbs #5 10_29-32
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