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This final teaching is the third and final part of our series entitled “Shepherds, sheep, and wolves”. In this teaching, we have already explored the metaphor of a “shepherd” and that of the “sheep.” Let's quickly review key points from those previous studies before we dive into the last portion of this study looking into the “wolves.”

Shepherd Review:

  1. The shepherd is not God, he is a man. We are not to look to him as perfect; we are not to expect him to be perfect

  2. Shepherds, you are to lead (to the Master’s fold), protect (in the strength and wisdom of YHVH), keep (in the character and nature of the Good Shepherd), and feed (with the word and wisdom of YHVH) the flock.

  3. Flock, your shepherd is not the show. Don’t elevate him to a position he does not belong in.

  4. Shepherds, you lead the flock to the Messiah, you are not to gather sheep to yourself, they are not yours they are his.

  5. Sheep, don’t damage and harm your shepherds. Their work is hard enough.

  6. Shepherds, model the character and nature of the Great and Good Shepherd the flock. Don’t let past Trauma, hurts, and fatigue cause you to lash out or harm the flock you are supposed to lead.

Sheep Review:

  1. No matter how many bad shepherds exist and/or abuse and scatter the sheep, as a sheep of the Good Shepherd are loved by Him.

  2. The true sheep are those who know and follow YHVH.

  3. The sheep are meant to be gathered and saved. However, sheep can be found in a variety of places including in another fold, following the Shepherd, or in the fold of the Shepherd.

  4. As sheep you are to hear and know the voice of the Good Shepherd and of God.

  5. This is a work of the Holy Spirit

  6. Knowing Yeshua is knowing God

  7. We must be “of” Him. We cannot be of something else and be able to properly hear and know YHVH’s voice.

  8. We cry out to Him and learn His ways

  9. The sheep follow the voice of God. We cannot do that if we don’t know and hear His voice.

  10. Identify and flee from strangers, this requires that we “KNOW” the voice of God.

I want to caution you all before I begin. There will be a temptation to insert words or implications into this teaching today that I am not saying or implying, please guard your hearts and minds from going there. Nothing I am saying today comes with insinuations or passive-aggressive accusations against anyone in this congregation. I would also caution that you not build your own list of “wolves” quickly while listening to this teaching, but that you would do as Yeshua teaches to prayerfully test the fruit of those whom you have concerns or doubts. Personally, I believe this to be an essential skill for all believers, but it is wisdom meant to be implemented with prayerful caution and with a heart of love for the flock and correction, salvation, and restoration for the wolves. If that last comment offends you, then check your hearts now before this teaching begins.

Throughout this teaching we will answer a few questions to understand the metaphor the Bible uses about wolves.

  1. Who are the wolves?

  2. Where are the wolves found?

  3. What are the warning signs of the wolf?

  4. What is our response to the wolves? This teaching was delivered at Pursuing Truth Ministries. If you would like to find out more about that ministry, click here.

Download the Notes below: "Wolves"

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Feel free to follow along with the teaching with this slideshow of the verses and images used in the sermon.

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