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Season 1: Episode 1: David Wilber Extended Cut

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

The Case for Biblical Apologetics


Apologetics is a lost and dying discipline within Biblical faiths. It's often seen as something only for intellectuals or people who enjoy debates. However, we explore during this episode of Spark how apologetics is not only for everyone but it is an important discipline for evangelizing our faith with others. Whether you consider yourself a Christian, a Torah follower, Messianic or beyond, if you have a sincere faith in Jesus/Yeshua and desire for other people to share in that knowledge and truth, then don't miss this video. David mentions several resources and teachings in this interview, follow the links below to get connected with more articles, teachings, and ministry resources.

Watch the extended interview:

Download a FREE outline of the interview here:

David Wilber Interview
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Articles and Videos:

David Wilber: Was Jesus a Historical Person?

David Wilber vs. Tony Yu Debate

David Wilber: 5 Reasons Why Christians Should Study Apologetics

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