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Season 1: Episode 6: Jason Towe

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

TRUTH & TRANSITION: The cost and joy of of laying down tradition for truth


One of the most challenging things any believer will face is trusting God to transition them from inherited religion to Biblical truth. It is often a road that feels lonely, but it doesn't have to stay that way. In this interview we discuss the transition process, common pitfalls people make along the way, and guiding your family through the difficult process of reforming your daily lives to live like the Messiah, Yeshua. Jason Towe is the Pastor at Pursing Truth Ministries in North Georgia. The fellowship there is established to deeply examine the Scriptures together, follow the Biblical instructions, and shake off the traditions of men. Jason and his wife, Amanda, were featured in “The Way Documentary”. Their full interview can be viewed through a link on their webpage As Jason and Amanda moved from their traditional Biblical view to their current Biblical understanding and lifestyle, their experience made a huge impact on them, their family, and now (through the documentary) on thousands of others who have heard their story.

Watch the interview for free:


Below we have provided an outline for this interview. You are free to download, print, and share as a guide to help follow along or understand the reasoning behind some of the questions I asked Jason during the interview.

Spark Season 1 Episode 6_ Jason Towe
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Extended Cuts and Outtakes:

As with all videos and podcasts there is content that either has to be cut for time or for precision purposes. This video is the unedited version with our delays, mistakes, and additionally commentary from Jeromy Kusch between questions. Jason's full statements are given in their entirety in the free, edited version of this video. To access these extended cuts become a Lantern subscriber and click on the picture below


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