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Raising Warriors


Raising Warriors Episode #17 Leaving Egypt the Modern Exodus

Raising Warriors Episode #17 Leaving Egypt the Modern Exodus

In this episode we are discussing how the Biblical account of the Exodus directly connects with our modern lives. The Exodus has so many parallels to our understanding of redemption, salvation, and the Father. In this we explore how leaving Egypt is a metaphor for being set apart from the world we live in as we walk away from the wisdom and knowledge passed down by the world and its traditions to follow the Father and His righteous instructions. All throughout the Bible God is clear what His view is of worldly or man-made traditions, knowledge, and commands. As we understands God's view it should help us sift and weigh what advice or traditions we incorporate into our lives and the lives of our families. This is a challenging videos where we cover dozens of videos, but it is fundamental for us to know and discern what is the will of God in our lives. So if you have questions about whether Christians should celebrate Hanukah, Christmas, New Years, or if they should follow advice or instructions given by men instead of God. We are dead to the world, and the world is perishing, so should we follow what the world tells us to do? This video is directly related to our Week #15 Raising Warriors Family Bible Study Guide. You can find it at the following week. If you have benefited from this video please like, share, subscribe, and hit the notification buttons to get more videos just like this. Also, if you would like to support the ministry become a lantern subscriber just by following the simple steps at the link below: Finally, you can also purchase the shirts we were wearing in today's video and other Bible-based apparel just like it at our teespring shop:
Raising Warriors Episode #8: 4 Ways to Study the Bible With Your Whole Family

Raising Warriors Episode #8: 4 Ways to Study the Bible With Your Whole Family

We are so excited about this episode for 2 reasons. First, this subject is one my wife and I are extremely passionate about. As parents of 10 children of all ages, this is one of the daily challenges we face. How do we engage so many different people, with so many different ages, and still have a beneficial study time as a family? You don't have to have 10 kids for this question to be in the forefront of your mind, we all struggle with how to do this. We will discuss that in this episode. Second, we are doing a live preview of our Family Study Guide for weekly reading, studying, and applying the Bible as a family. If you would like to sample the study guide, please send us a message through our website, and watch this video. If you would are wanting a resource that helps you get engaged with the Bible as a family then become a Lantern Subscriber at the link below and you will have weekly access to a new study guide every single week of the year. In addition, if you want to see other videos in our Raising Warriors series take a look at the link below. Finally, you can access our free Raising Warriors community on our website with other like-minded believers to encourage and edify you as you raise your children in the way. Become a member today!