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Our shop is not just some random t-shirt shop, it is selectively designed Biblically sound and Torah centered apparel that is created to engage people in your faith. Our shirts are select premium 100% cotton, no mixed fabrics here. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shirt printing and delivery


You have thousands of custom t-shirt stores online to choose from, but there's more than just a quality t-shirt in this shop.

  1. Every purpose directly support the Lantern Media and Ministry mission of providing quality, Biblical content to a spiritually starved world.

  2. A portion of every purchase and subscription goes directly to support Uganda Orphan Childcare Ministries. We not only personally donate to this amazing organization, but we also regularly talk with the children the leaders, other donors and volunteers with UOCC Ministries. This is a legitimate, Torah-based ministry taking care of orphans and widows as the Scriptures tell us to do. Find out more about UOCC here.

Why Purchase

Supporting Uganda Orphan Childcare Ministries

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