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RAISING WARRIORS is Family-focused on equipping and encouraging parents to engage with the Scriptures and teach and raise their children in the way they should go. This is a huge task and can seem overwhelming for families with full-time schedules, work, and other responsibilities. Often times our family Bible-study and prayer times suffer. This guide is designed to work with your family by providing a framework to build an effective and purposeful training for you and your children. We pray it edifies you.

How Did Raising Warriors Begin?

In this short, fun video we describe the basic story of how the Raising Warriors Study Guides came into existence. While this is our personal journey as a teacher and a youth pastor we began to see a great need for solid, Biblically sound Bible Studies for families. However, that proved to be a very difficult task.

Study Guide Video Preview

We encourage everyone to watch this short video before using the Raising Warriors Family Study Guides. This study is likely not even close to anything you may have seen int the past, and it can be a little overwhelming at first. Have no fear, this video explains exactly what to expect, and how to implement it with your family in the most effective manner possible.


Before beginning any of these weekly guides with your family we suggest watching the two videos above to get familiar with the story and the function of the guides. Second, we recommend adults skim through the contents of the guide and the weekly readings to be prepared for topics or activities they may want to address throughout the week. There is no set plan, the goal is to give each family a framework to build a consistent and impactful study time throughout the week. Finally, there is a lot of content in each guide, but do not burden yourself to try and do it all, pick and choose, try different things. You may find certain activities do not appeal to or work with your family's skills or personalities, that's okay, try other activities or study opportunities and adapt the guide to your family's individual needs.



Our desire is to continue the work of Lantern Ministry full-time. As we continue to reach families across the world support is needed from people just like you. Any contributions you offer go to directly support the work of Lantern Ministry and contribute to caring for orphans and widows via While we have elected to not function as a 501-3C non-profit organization to limit the impact of certain governmental influence, your donations go directly to support our family as we continue the work of equipping, training, and discipling believing families.

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