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The Root Of Bitterness

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Exploring the Devastating Impact of Bitterness

In church circles we often find ourselves elevating men to a position where we gloss over the wrongdoing because we are enamored by their wisdom, or popularity, or skill. I think we also tend to do the same thing with our Biblical heroes. We prop up men like Abraham, David, Moses, etc. then when we stumble across stories about their failures, many people just soften them or completely ignore them altogether. Yet it is those moments of weakness we glean opportunities to realize truth about them, about God’s nature and character, and sometimes we can learn how to better respond in similar situations in our own lives. In this teaching we address a topic that often gets overlooked in many churches, bitterness. It’s sneaky, we can play nice, get along, or even tolerate people we haven’t forgiven for quite some time, but there is a deep and weighty cost to this mindset which we must understand if we are to escape the enemies’s well-hidden snare. As we look at some examples today from Scripture my prayer is you will be able see bitterness for what it is, a tangled web of deeply anchored roots that does not bring life, but death to you and anyone who allows bitterness to take root in their lives. This teaching was delivered at Pursuing Truth Ministries. If you would like to find out more about that ministry click here.

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Root of Bitterness
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