Season 1: Episode 2: PD Vander Westhuizen

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

The Urgency of Evangelism


Evangelism has taken on a new image in the modern era and it largely reflects society's view of the Bible, Christians, and people who are politically labelled "evangelicals." During this discussion with PD, from Rise on Fire Ministries, we explore the Biblical urgency behind evangelism, the why behind it, the reasons why we avoid it, and whether miracles and signs fit in with the mission of evangelism today. You will not be disappointed. PD is the primary voice behind Rise on Fire Ministries he is an author, teacher, and evangelist around the world. The mission of Rise on fire ministries is “To not only equip believers for walking in the Spirit by healing the sick, casting out demons etc. but also helping them rediscover their roots and holiness to walk as Yeshua in Truth through obedience to the instructions of Father.”PD’s book entitled “Reigniting Spirit and Truth” which is available now at, discusses what he believes is upon us in understanding YHVH and the work He is doing in the world today and to come. Here is a short excerpt from the website, “2000 years removed and 33 000 denominations later, God is raising a final generation that must walk in the fullness of Spirit & Truth. This unity looks little like mainstream Christianity - yet everything like Jesus.” You can also listen to PD’s podcast at a host of different locations like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon music.

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