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We are a husband and wife team that is dedicated to teaching, training, and equipping Bible believers and their families for the “Good Work” of the Kingdom of YHVH.

What is Lantern?

After 30+ years in standard church, and 10 years of intense study, teaching, and growth we want to share this with you and your family. YHVH promises us that His word is not far from us, it’s not above us, or beyond us, but it is with us and He will write it on our hearts.

The single-voice Christian model doesn’t work, and we want to change that. Using podcasts, videos, blogs, and more, our mission is to assist you in your journey through the Scriptures so you too can discover the joy of the Word of God and grow confidently in its truth. By providing engaging media resources like regular special guest interviews, personal testimonies (from people just like you), apologetics, and invigorating debate and real life discussion our prayer is you too are refreshed and encouraged to get into the Word again personally and with your families.

Statement of Faith:

We believe it is important to be transparent and clear about what we believe regarding core or foundational doctrines about Scripture, YHVH, and Yeshua. These Core values can be found by scrolling through the gallery below.

This statement of faith is not meant to cover all specifics about our beliefs or our theological understanding of Scripture. It is intended, however, to be a summary of what we believe to be core beliefs that form our faith and the foundation of how we interpret and teach Scripture. Our heart is not to force you to agree, instead, we would like you to prayerful consider and test each statement to Scripture.

Short Story
Long Story

Our Testimony:

After meeting in college through a student group, we began studying the Bible together and became the anchor of our relationship. We married and had our first child, and quickly realized that marriage is not all the movies say it is. We struggled to really get our footing together and our faith fell apart. In a time of crisis we met the pastor of small church in East Texas and began the process of coming back to the Father.

This church and pastor mentored us through a great deal of difficulty and struggle, and we learned to serve in the Body of believers. Through all of that, we began to realize certain doctrines and beliefs did not first with what we saw in the Bible. After years of struggle, we had the opportunity to reset and moved to Central Texas, where we began to settle in.

We quickly found a large church to attend. The preaching and worship was impactful and challenged us to stay engaged with our faith. We became involved in many different areas within the church including weekly services, Bible studies, small groups, etc. Once again, the questions that always haunted us still remained. Despite more stability, better jobs, and rest from the busy work of ministry, we still lacked the fulfillment we had always been promised the Christian life would bring. We became disenfranchised and left the church. Fortunately, for Jenny, that wasn’t good enough. She kept pushing.

After years of struggling spiritually, stumbling about trying to live the way the Bible told us to, but feeling like we didn’t really understand the Bible, we discovered a group of believers who looked at the Bible differently than we had ever considered, and it changed our lives forever. Suddenly, as we explored the Bible as a whole book, without ignoring 2/3 of its wisdom and direction, the Scriptures sprang to life. What had been dim was now in full color and impacted our lives in a refreshing and clear way, just like a drink of pure, cool, living water, our souls were refreshed in God’s everlasting Word.

Every day as we studied together the Words we had read our entire lives had fulness and brought great passion and vigor to our spiritual lives and our family. What we had discovered was nothing new, in fact, it was exactly how Jesus (Yeshua) lived, His disciples lived, and how the apostles and early church lived. We had been brought back to the basics and it became a beacon of hope to our lives.

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